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  • SENIOR MODEL FEATURE: Kat - Eisenhower HS, Class of 2017

    I'm happy to feature my eigth and final senior model, Kat, repping Eisenhower's Class of 2017 today! Kat is beyond wonderful to photograph, she's a natural. I can't even say how difficult it was narrowing down her photos. Your senior session is going to be AHHMAAZING. Seriously! 

    Our makeup artist was PHENOMENAL. I could not have gotten this level of quality images without:

    Makeup application from: Jenna Hayes @jennahayes3

    Like the other models, Kat brought in her prom dress and an outfit to give me an idea of her personal style. Kat's dress was BREATHTAKING. I was able to photograph her for prom this past weekend and she rocked it, again. #winning

    Kat is not only inSANELY photogenic, but I had a great time getting to know her. Epic 90's music taste - I mean, does it get any better than that? The answer is: probably not. haha. 

    Welcome to the LKPD Modeling Team Kat, you're the real deal - time to model ALL the things :D

    2 things she CANNOT live without: Music and friends.

    Favorite candy: Reeses Peanut Buttercups 

    Jas describes her personal style as: Forever changing and girly.

    Favorite Activity/Hobby: Listening to music.

    Favorite restaurant: Big Tuna

    Favorite music style: Rap/R&B/Punk/Rock

    Favorite store: Urban Outfitters

    Dream job: Model / Actress

    Favorite song: I'm Up

    Favorite place: Florida / Mexico

    Something I always carry: Headphones

    I wish I were better at: Taking risks

    Person I want to meet: Cara Devangelene

    Favorite website: Twitter

    Current Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber

    1 thing no one knows about me: I LOVE to sing.

    Random fact about me: I also think photography is cool.

    Favorite Drink: Strawberry Japanese Soda

    Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Being on the honor roll.

    Favorite phone app: Snapchat

    First thing people notice about me: Eyes, Hair, Clothes, and Smile.

    Last good book I read:  Divergent

    Favorite book:  Percy Jackson series

    Favorite brand: Brandy Melville

    My goal for after high school: Own my own business.

    Favorite high school memory so far: Prom 2015

    What I'm excited about for my senior year: Not drowning in my classes and preparing for college. And also doing this! Modeling!

    You can VIEW all of the images (there's a few surprises in the gallery) by clicking here!

  • SENIOR MODEL FEATURE: Adrianna - South Milwaukee HS, Class of 2017

    EEEE! Time to feature another senior model repping Class of 2017!! Haha. I'm excited. I couldn't have done this without the help of my AMAZING MUA:

    Briannas makeup was applied by: Jenna Hayes

    For the FIRST Model Session  I asked each of my models to bring their prom dress and an outfit that gave me an idea of their style. You wouldn't guess it, but I'm ALL about the sparkle and drama when it comes to prom dresses. All dresses really, flowy, sparkly, dramatic, bold, sophisticated, and Adrianna's prom dress did not disappoint, it was GORGEOUS.  


    Let's talk.. now, I've already alluded to her dress, but lets just take a second to see just how gorgeous another one of my senior models are, shall we?! Adrianna took direction like a pro - for her first photo session I was blown away - this girl is amazing!

    Without further ado, here's Adrianna from SMHS, welcome to the LKPD Model Team!

    3 things she CANNOT live without: My family, my car, and tv.

    Favorite candy: Snickers 

    Adrianna would describe her personal style as: Casual but fashionable.

    Last good book she read: A Child Called It

    Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

    Favorite book: A Child Called It

    Favorite store: Victoria's Secret

    Dream job: Pediatrician

    Favorite song: 7 years - Lucas Graham

    Favorite place: Venice, Italy

    Something I always carry: My cell phone

    I wish I were better at: Singing

    Person I want to meet: Carrie Underwood

    Favorite activity/hobby: Softball

    Unusual talent I have: Getting injured in interesting ways...

    1 thing no one knows about me:  I'm an open person!

    Random fact about me: My nose is crooked.

    Music style: Country

    Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: I am a Certified Nursing Assistant.

    Favorite brand: Nike

    Favorite phone app: Snapchat

    My goal for after high school: Become a pediatic nurse practitioner.

    Favorite high school memory so far: 2014 Homecoming week.

    What I'm excited about for my senior year: Graduating and senior prom.

    You can VIEW all of the images (there's a few surprises in the gallery) by clicking here!

  • SENIOR MODEL FEATURE: Makayla - Franklin HS, Class of 2017

    We split our model sessions into two different days, here's the first model from our second model session, Makayla! Before I show off Makayla's shots, huge thank-you to her makeup artist, the fantastic Alicia Marie Makeup Artistry.

    Makayla is going to be a fantastic model, I can't wait for her senior session!

    I'm crazy biased, naturally, but I think my models are already (hands down), amazing. There's just so much that they had to adapt to on the spot and each one of them nailed it. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of her blog feature to see the extras that didn't make it on here!

    3 things she CANNOT live without: Family, Friends, and Boyfriend

    Favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids

    Makayla would describe her personal style as: ...Not really sure, but.. it's cute!

    Last good book she read: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

    Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

    Favorite book: Too many.

    Favorite store: Target

    Dream job: Lawyer or Doctor

    Current celebrity crush: Zac Efron

    Favorite place: My bed.

    Something I always carry: Chocolate.

    I wish I were better at: AP Biology.

    Person I want to meet: Zac Efron

    Favorite activity/hobby: Baking

    Unusual talent I have: Playing my flute/yoga

    1 thing no one knows about me: I am OBSESSED with criminal shows!

    Random fact about me: I love raspberries.

    Music style: Pop/Alternative

    Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Making it state for WSMA for the past three years.

    Favorite brand: Too many.

    Favorite phone app: Camera and Snapchat

    My goal for after high school: Go to college and major in either law or medicine.

    What I'm excited about for my senior year: Football games!

    You can VIEW all of the images (there's a few surprises in the gallery) by clicking here!

  • SENIOR MODEL FEATURE: Lorraine - South Milwaukee HS, Class of 2017

    Super excited to announce my Class of 2017 Senior Models!! I'll be posting photo sets from our first session Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons until all EIGHT of my models have had their image reveals!

    I couldn't have done this without the help of my AMAZING TEAM:

    Hair was styled by: Hair Fiddlers located in Hales Corners, WI 
    Lorraines makeup was applied by: Jenna Hayes (@jennahayes3)

    For their FIRST Model Session  I asked each of my models to bring a prom dress they wanted to model and an outfit that gave me a better idea of their personal style... All I can say is I was super impressed with not just the outfits and gowns, but how PHOTOGENIC everyone was!! I'm still blown away at how well they took direction and how fabulous everyone was to work with!


    Today I'm announcing Lorraine from SMHS to the LKPD Model Team!

    I'm crazy biased, naturally, but I think my models are already (hands down), the best! First of all, Lorraine's look is a photog's dream, super edgy and different, I showed a TON of restraint by letting her leave that day, haha, as in, we could have kept photographing her for hours. HOURS I tell you.. 

    3 things she CANNOT live without: Music, family, and selfless people.

    Favorite candy: Kit-Kats & Sour Patch Kids. 

    Lorraine would describe her personal style as: Alternative / Casual

    Last good book she read: Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham, she's currently reading "Watchers" by Dean Koontz

    Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

    Favorite book: The Looking Glass Wars

    Favorite store: Hot Topic

    Dream job: Professional Musician

    Current celebrity crush: Misha Collins

    Favorite place: Italy

    Something I always carry: Chain Wallet

    I wish I were better at: Anything requiring upper body strength.

    Person I want to meet: Benny Goodman

    Favorite activity/hobby: Reading / Playing Music

    Unusual talent I have: I get along with adults easily and people open up to me fairly quickly.

    1 thing no one knows about me:  I'm good at keeping others' secrets, but not my own.

    Random fact about me: I have four younger siblings.

    Music style: Rock / Alternative

    Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Sophomore year I made it to State Solo Ensemble.

    Favorite brand: Aéropostale

    Favorite phone app: Spotify

    Activities I'm involved in are: Theatre, Band & Marching Band, Art, Gaming, Writing, German, and MMA - Mixed Martial Arts.

    The first things people notice about me are my: Hair and walk.

    My goal for after high school: Major in Psychology and Minor in Music (or vice versa) so I can become a military psychologist.

    Favorite high school memory so far: Crying from pride and getting a hug from my favorite teacher after the solo-ensemble concert.

    What I'm excited about for my senior year: I will be starting NHS and I'm excited for the new leadership opportunities I'll be getting!

    You can VIEW all of the images (there's a few surprises in the gallery) by clicking here!

  • Hello, hello! I have not blogged in what feels like ages. After this past weekend's adventure, I decided it deserved a blog post. I don't even know where to start...

    This past weekend Liz Klein Photography & Design's Senior Models had their second photo shoot! You may have seen the individual blog posts introducing and highlighting each girl during our first session; this one was on a completely different spectrum than the last, beYOND. I attempted to make a bunch of floral headpieces that I had wanted to pair with some tulle skirts I had made - my first attempts at tulle. For my first time, I think it was a good make, definitely could be cleaner, less tangled, but, we were battling some potential weather bits, and loads of wind.

    For this second session, I also wanted to do something a little different, a little unexpected, and something I've never done before - a new to me face and collaborator that I look forward to working with in the future, Sarah Beth Kremer, generously borrowed off a bunch of wigs to be used in the session. So, there were a LOT of elements in this shoot, in addition to keeping tabs on everything, the weather forecast was NOT in our favor. It predicted rain, thunder storms, and tons of wind in all of our surrounding areas including the location I wanted to photograph everything. Needless to say, I was a little nervous/preoccupied/anxious/ and a handful of other fuzzy feels! 

    The Senior Models: Brehley, Miranda, Alyssa, and Kasie, must be good luck, honestly - because we missed ALL the rain in every spot and ran into sunshine more than anything else. We had reports of downpours in nearby spots while we were enjoying some sunny but partly cloudy weather. It was pretty fantastical. I had a few other tricks that I'm deciding to reserve for our next session, which'll most definitely be good fun. We were shooting at one of the prettiest beaches I've seen in my area, overall super pristine with hardly ANY people, phenomenal find. The only rough bit was when I lost my flash diffuser!

    Yes. That did.. indeed, happen.

    It flew RIGHT off of my camera from the insane wind and flew into the lake. The craziest thing that happened that day was when Sarah, our new face, literally volunteered to retrieve it! I was so tempted to jump in (after giving my camera to a trustworthy land bound person in our party), and the next thing I know, she's getting in, almost gets it like 5 times, but the waves were wicked powerful, and then, poor Sarah was dragged UNDER the 3-4 ft waves, like.. the dedication and drive was there, but the lake was having NONE of it. I haven't figured out how I can give Sarah a "thankyou for getting dragged underwater to try and retrieve my camera attachment" so, if anyone has a proper idea, I'm all ears! Going back to our shoot, makeup was done by Nichole Haagensen, wigs from Sarah Beth Kremer - I posted a few sneak peeks on social media, you can see them below! 

    I'm currently booking for Summer and Fall, send me an email or contact me via social media to set up a consultation, cheers!

  • Leila Astanova - Model Session

    Had a fantastic session with Leila Astanova this past Sunday! It was my first time working with her and I've got to say, it was a pleasure working with someone so passionate about their trade. I was assisted on this shoot by my senior model, Alyssa. As she's interested in learning more about photography and modeling, she was the perfect assistant for the job. Although it was a cloudy day, , with a touch of rain/sleet/and clouds that covered the day. The amazing (and even light from the cloud cover) made this natural light from the windows shine. 

    Here are some of my favorite shots from the session!

  • 5ad9ac1623554317-MODAMUNECA_COVER.jpg


    The UWFW Moda show (University of Wisconsin-Fashion Week) today (yesterday evening) was amazing. The designers that displayed their work were astounding! I stupidly forgot to grab my program from my chair (if anyone could send me a list of the designers so I can credit them properly once I post all the photos, I'd be forever grateful)! 

    I went there knowing two designers, another designer's work, and a bunch of models, so in addition to supporting the show, fashion, the production of it all, etc., etc., I was there, really, because of Lauren Lynch, Chelsea Stotts of Moda Muñeca and their models, luckily I was able to car pool with one of my FABULOUS senior models, Kasie (4th from the right).

    I said I wasn't going to photograph the whole show. I said I'd photograph Lauren and Chelsea's lines, and then I'd actually WATCH the show. Turns out.. that was false. I can't NOT photograph the entire show when everyone CLEARLY put so much hard work, effort and design ingenuity into their pieces. I have to edit a TON of the photos from everyone's collections, but I thought I'd post a quick sneak peek here before I post my highlights of each collection and my stand out models, looks, and things like that after this weekend.

    Photographed above are the models from Chelsea Stotts, designer of Moda Muñeca's collection. The sophisticated sauciness, yes, sauciness, haha, was matched with a fun merging of textured textiles, bold yet simple color palette and the fierce prescence of the models. This was definitely not their first rodeo! Each model commanded the stage and with it, the audience's attention!

    The biggest reactions were to the 2 in 1 drop down dress, a signature favorite surprise I've come to anticipate at every Moda Muñeca show (always surprises me AND the audience), along with the two cheeky outfits (all puns intended), the black dress with a pop of skin, as well as the black mesh outfit covering and white one piece underneath - both showed off a lot of leg and highlighted the models' - assets, haha. Both girls worked these pieces from start to finish, the picture perfect of professionalism with walks that Tyra would be proud of. Always helps to shock the crowd! Moda Muñeca isn't about blending into the crowd, but making a statement, which was most DEFINITELY accomplished!

    I'll be posting my highlight shots and pieces I LOVE from all the designers after this weekend. Stay classy Wisconsin!

A bit about me: I'm based in South Milwaukee, WI - I've earned a BFA with a concentration in Multimedia Design, and also a minor degree in Applied Photography in May 2013. I'm not a fan of getting my own photo taken - despite the fact that I LOVE taking portraits of everyone else! ...Weird, I know.

The only photos I have of myself are over-the-top faces, or me laughing ridiculously hard (to the point of tears), or like this one to the side of me - bungee jumping above an itty bitty stream amongst HUGE mountains in New Zealand - yes, I loved it, yes, I almost kissed the ground afterwards! But enough about me, onto photography! My style is:


I'm constantly trying to grow, learn, try new approaches, create unique concepts, and scope out ordinary spots transform them into something spectacular. One of my favorite phrases, besides the classic, "I LOVE YOUR FACE!" is that: I'm in the business of creating statement pieces. You can see current work by visiting my collection.

My finished work tends to be colorful and theatrical. I'm constantly thinking up new ways of creating amazing experiences for my clients - with images you'll LOVE and remember. While the photos may look bold, elegant, and edgy, the actual process is incredibly laid back, fun, and casual - with just a dash (or a large bowl-full) of wit and humor. As I can be just a tiny bit rambunctious.

Every session is different from the last. The parts that stay consistent are myself, my camera and my goal, which is highlighting YOU. My top priority is making sure the person in front of the camera is feeling just as relaxed as I am behind the camera, it's a lot of fun, and I love working with people and the process of taking great images. If you're interested in information regarding how you can be the next person in front of my lens - contact me for information.

Consider this your informal invitation to be my favorite new face!