• SENIOR MODEL FEATURE: Makayla - Franklin HS, Class of 2017

    We split our model sessions into two different days, here's the first model from our second model session, Makayla! Before I show off Makayla's shots, huge thank-you to her makeup artist, the fantastic Alicia Marie Makeup Artistry.

    Makayla is going to be a fantastic model, I can't wait for her senior session!

    I'm crazy biased, naturally, but I think my models are already (hands down), amazing. There's just so much that they had to adapt to on the spot and each one of them nailed it. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of her blog feature to see the extras that didn't make it on here!

    3 things she CANNOT live without: Family, Friends, and Boyfriend

    Favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids

    Makayla would describe her personal style as: ...Not really sure, but.. it's cute!

    Last good book she read: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

    Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

    Favorite book: Too many.

    Favorite store: Target

    Dream job: Lawyer or Doctor

    Current celebrity crush: Zac Efron

    Favorite place: My bed.

    Something I always carry: Chocolate.

    I wish I were better at: AP Biology.

    Person I want to meet: Zac Efron

    Favorite activity/hobby: Baking

    Unusual talent I have: Playing my flute/yoga

    1 thing no one knows about me: I am OBSESSED with criminal shows!

    Random fact about me: I love raspberries.

    Music style: Pop/Alternative

    Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Making it state for WSMA for the past three years.

    Favorite brand: Too many.

    Favorite phone app: Camera and Snapchat

    My goal for after high school: Go to college and major in either law or medicine.

    What I'm excited about for my senior year: Football games!

    You can VIEW all of the images (there's a few surprises in the gallery) by clicking here!

A bit about me: I'm based in South Milwaukee, WI - I've earned a BFA with a concentration in Multimedia Design, and also a minor degree in Applied Photography in May 2013. I'm not a fan of getting my own photo taken - despite the fact that I LOVE taking portraits of everyone else! ...Weird, I know.

The only photos I have of myself are over-the-top faces, or me laughing ridiculously hard (to the point of tears), or like this one to the side of me - bungee jumping above an itty bitty stream amongst HUGE mountains in New Zealand - yes, I loved it, yes, I almost kissed the ground afterwards! But enough about me, onto photography! My style is:


I'm constantly trying to grow, learn, try new approaches, create unique concepts, and scope out ordinary spots transform them into something spectacular. One of my favorite phrases, besides the classic, "I LOVE YOUR FACE!" is that: I'm in the business of creating statement pieces. You can see current work by visiting my collection.

My finished work tends to be colorful and theatrical. I'm constantly thinking up new ways of creating amazing experiences for my clients - with images you'll LOVE and remember. While the photos may look bold, elegant, and edgy, the actual process is incredibly laid back, fun, and casual - with just a dash (or a large bowl-full) of wit and humor. As I can be just a tiny bit rambunctious.

Every session is different from the last. The parts that stay consistent are myself, my camera and my goal, which is highlighting YOU. My top priority is making sure the person in front of the camera is feeling just as relaxed as I am behind the camera, it's a lot of fun, and I love working with people and the process of taking great images. If you're interested in information regarding how you can be the next person in front of my lens - contact me for information.

Consider this your informal invitation to be my favorite new face!